Back in Paris

We are back in Paris. It was hard to leave our beach place because September is always so nice there but we have some things to do. There are a lot of changes coming, one of which is a trip to the States which will last four months. Since my son and his family left Switzerland, I’ve felt a little bereft and in the need to see more of my family, especially my Mother. We’ve never been in the States that long so it will be interesting. We are doing a home exchange in Austin, Texas to begin with, then traveling around a bit. In any case, here are some recent photos taken in Paris.

The first morning after we arrived I went outside to find a lot of tractors parked on our street. The French farmers were striking, wanted more money for what they did. I suspect that it must be like what is going on in the States-prices going up but none of it going to the farmers. They stayed on Nation, the square near us, all day. I thought maybe those tractors might drive through the city but I don’t think they did.

I liked this antique tractor the best. I noticed that the Casino grocery store was closed and that the front had been hit with raw eggs. Policemen were standing nearby to prevent more damage.

I met a friend for Japanese food. Small place with people waiting in line. We had tempura.

Part of the restaurant is open to the outside with clients sitting facing the street. I don’t know what they do in the winter.

Nearby was this statue of Molier, the famous French play writer, who was blind folded. I don’t know why.

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