Happy Thanksgiving

I am sitting in our warm, beautiful room in Beaver Creek, Colorado. It was snowing earlier this morning but has now stopped. We celebrated Thanksgiving early with family in order not to have leftovers that would have to be thrown out when we leave on Saturday. We have been plowing through ham, dressing and apple pie since Tuesday. We watched the silly but heart warming movie, Elf, sure to increase your Christmas spirit. I haven’t written about what happened in Paris. I’m still trying to process it I guess. I know life will slowly get back to normal and that those who cancelled their trips to Paris will make it to the City of Light one day soon. Something like this makes you thankful for each day, for family and friends, for the magic of life. Facebook has been sending out old postings of this day four or five years in the past and I had one today of a posting by Lisa Taylor Huff, my friend who recently died. We had gone to the Christmas market on the Champs Elysees and she bought spice bread that her family loved. She would only have one more Christmas after that. Happenings like that certainly wake you up and appreciate what is in your life. I won’t be back in Paris until January and I expect it will seem unchanged by then. I just read that one of the terrorists who escaped had been tracked not only going back to the theater after the attack but also to Nation, the metro stop by our apartment. You never know. Life is such a fragile thing.

The beautiful full moon seen last night.

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends. May your turkey be moist, your desserts perfect, your friends and family there to share love and a life full of happiness and health.

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