On The Way

On the way back from Utah we passed through a Navaho reservation. Maurice wanted to check out small rugs for a gift so we stopped at several little shacks along the road but they mostly sold jewelry. We finally came to the Cameron Trading Post which I remembered from many years ago. It was in a new modern building and packed with Navaho items. We discovered that even a little rug was $200-300 so we didn’t get one.

A large selection of rugs for sale.

Here was a large one being made. I wish the person making it had been there when we were.

Back in Arizona in time for my Mother’s 90th birthday. She doesn’t look her age. She is often approached by women telling her how beautiful her skin is and asking what her secret is. The answer is that she stays out of the sun and has used Pond’s Cold Cream all her life-yes, they still make it.
We took her out to dinner at Houston’s in Scottsdale. We love their ribs. When we entered we asked for a candle on her dessert. After the meal we secretly told the waiter again but when our desserts arrived there was no candle. Maurice told the waiter and they bought a candle in a little dish of whipped cream then, to our surprise, they comped our drinks and desserts. That was plently to tell the truth but to our surprise, they also gave us a gift card for $100. So we will all have to go again. No problem. We were all talking about my Dad while there and have been told that the departed love to come to parties and celebrations so maybe he was there and set it all up. Whatever, it was a nice surprise.

Here she is with some birthday flowers.

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  1. Your mother looks wonderful and to have such a youthful complexion in sunny Arizona…amazing. Enjoy your return dinner, extremely good of them to compensate you so well, though disappointing that they didn’t get it right…never mind…!

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