The first thing I wanted to see when I got to Paris was Place de la Republique that has become a shrine for those killed in the terrorist attacks while we were gone. I have mixed feelings about not being here when it happened, like those I had when in Paris when 9/11 occurred in the States.

There were a lot of people there walking around looking at the flowers and signs left.

Lots of signs expressing many feelings.

Many candles.

And I think there were about a dozen huge containers of roses circling the statue. I imagine there is a rose for each victim.

So sad and shocking. I suspect there will be more attacks. This seems to be the way of the world now.

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  1. The large containers of roses are especially lovely.

    I remember being shocked at the time just how close the terrorism was to your apartment, and being so thankful you were here. Sadly, I think you are right about the future.

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