This and That in Paris

It has been cold here in Paris since we returned and colder still the last two days which keeps me pretty much home bound but I have a few photos I’ve taken here and there.

A pretty morning sky in our neighborhood.

It’s rather rare to see statues in those niches on buildings. I spotted this one in the 8th arrondissement. I don’t know who it is.

I seldom eat croissants due to their high butter content but I liked looking at them in the boulangerie the other day.

I was in China Town in Paris-Belleville-to meet a friend for lunch and saw this photo in the window of a photographer. I took a photo because this bridge, and several others, have had the keys removed-the so called Love Locks-and are now replaced with clear glass so they look like they used to. I’m always reminded of my friend, Lisa, who started the movement to have them removed. I’m sure she knows.

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