Mostly Food

While walking along a sidewalk in the Left Bank looking at shops and windows I spotted an Italian Traituer selling food products and fresh food from Italy. I went in as I always find these places interesting. We have one next door to our apartment building but it isn’t nearly as nice as this one was.

The very nice looking selection of things to go.

The pizza looked really good to me.

As did these thick little quiches.

And look at this beautiful dessert. I had just eaten so didn’t buy anything, just looked.

It was fashion week in Paris and I saw this couple outside my coffee shop. I was taken with his pants. There were several very elegantly dressed people on the streets and very tall girls who I guess were models.

3 thoughts to “Mostly Food”

  1. Oh my goodness I could just graze from one end of that table to the other! Then just waddle away stuffed to the gills because it looks so delicious.
    Those really are eye catching pants.

  2. Oh God, that tray of vegetables looks fabulous. Is that eggplant? I’m practically drooling.

    It’s so weird for me to see signs in France that say Traiteur. In our little corner of Cajun Louisiana, that’s what we called the healers who were almost like witch doctors.

    One came to our home once to try and cure the massive amount of warts my sister had developed on her feet at one point. I remember the cure had something to do with a potato, probably an old wives tale, but I think my parents finally brought her to a doctor.

    Anyway, as you might imagine, it seems so strange to me to see the word associated with food, lol.

    Love the photos, can’t wait to get back to Paris and see it all again for mysel. Hoping for April, possibly May. Until then, I really enjoy seeing everyday street scenes here.

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