Venice Carnival

I’ve wanted to see the Carnival in Venice for years and we finally decided to go finding an apartment to rent for a week. It was wonderful and I have so many photos to share. I’ll start with some of the costumes we saw. I was so excited when I first saw someone in costume on the vaporetto and then it got to be a daily occurrence. Costumed people were everywhere standing around letting people take their photos. I guess it must be some kind of hobby, spending weeks or months creating a costume, then walking around Venice giving people photo ops. Most of them wore those white masks which is kind of spooky, sort of robot like, with no emotions showing. Sometimes you could hear them talking behind them, one lady being French, said she always smiled when her photo was being taken even though it didn’t show. Of course, wearing masks used to be a reason to misbehave before Lent. The rich would mingle with the poor and do things incognito they didn’t do in their normal lives, sort of like some people on the Internet saying horrible things because they can hide their identities.

Some were very dramatic.

It’s nice to have a view of the Grand Canal in the background.

These two were different, maybe Italian clowns?

A tear drop.

I thought this one was cute.

Another good background.

Great detail in this costume.

Did a bit of work on this photo with Superphoto app.




I loved the colors and designs on the head dress of this costume.

6 thoughts to “Venice Carnival”

  1. “I was so excited when I first saw someone in costume on the vaporetto and then it got to be a daily occurrence.” LOLOL – More! More! Fantastic.

  2. Oh, those are terrific pictures, thanks so much.
    I’m laughing over the one you labeled “Unusual”, the outrageous bird, or whatever, costume, walking down the street with a man conventionally dressed — and no one seeming to notice the least bit.

  3. OMg! I love, love, love these photos. The only thing better than being in Venice is being in Venice for Carnival. You’ve inspired me for next year.

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