Exploring Venice

There’s nothing better than exploring Venice. I think one of the best parts is that there is no waiting at corners for a pedestrian light so you can cross the street, no buses, cars or motorbikes to dodge or hear, only bridges to cross, narrow lanes to get lost in, and interesting squares here and there. I’ve been before but I am enchanted each time.

We arrived on a rainy and gray day and this was the first photo I took. Gondolas are always photogenic.

We had a really great apartment on the Dorsoduro side of Venice and had this view. We sat and just looked at the church all the time and it was great for people watching too.

A trip on a vaporetto down the Grand Canal gives you fabulous views.

A lovely canal.

Entry to an alley taking us to the vaporetto stop each day.

Saint Marc Square from the water. You have to go there to see this fabulous place but it is always packed with people so I tended to go elsewhere when I could. Many of the people in costumes were here.

The beautiful church dome there.

A reflection in a mirror of a street.

A great church in a square.

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    1. I have read of few of those mysteries, Sharyn. There were even a few TV shows based on them here. I think they were done by Italians, dubbed in French. I saw a whole book devoted to sites from those books.

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