Venice At Dawn

According to the weather forecast we were going to have three days of sunshine in Venice so one morning I got up at dawn to take some photos. I had planned to go to Saint Marc Square to get the sunrise but got on a vaporetto going the wrong direction but it didn’t matter as it was wonderful going down the Grand Canal and seeing the architecture in the dark with lights here and there.

This was the very first photo I took as I left our apartment. I was so happy to see the moon hanging there.

This pastry shop was open for those needing coffee. The window doesn’t look that good during the day but lit up it was magical.

A look at a water taxi stop.

One of the lovelier bridges crossing the Grand Canal.


2 thoughts to “Venice At Dawn”

  1. I love getting up early and seeing St Mark’s Square, almost empty – except for the folks with tripods like my husband! And the runners. My,you have to be a dedicated runner to keep it up around all those bridges and stone squares!

    Last post, someone mentioned Donna Leon. I have to say, her books get better and better as you go along, as you get more acquainted with the characters. When I was in Venice last year, I bought her book of recipes, sine food is mentioned so much in the books. It was a wonderful souvenir.

    You had a wonderful time; thanks for sharing the photos with us.

  2. The shot of the water taxi stop is so lovely and romantic. It brings to mind the delicious quiet of Venice. It doesn’t take long to get used to the lack of traffic sounds. When we left Venice and reached Como, the traffic seemed deafening and the diesal fumes potent. Thankfully, it was peaceful in Bellagio.

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