Italian Food and Drink

I love Italian food. I try and make a few dishes of my own when I cook but they never taste as good. We had some great lasagne with about twelve layers of pasta, very thin, and not a lot of sauce as I tend to do. So good.

This is fritelle, a pastry that is only made during carnival. It is either plain or filled with cream or custard.

Here are two with bites taken. I ate quite a few while there.

We had a cocktail called a Spritz every day. It’s made with an orange liqueur, prosecco-an Italian champagne, and soda. It tastes like Italy to me.

Maurice had beer one time at a little place and it came out in this cute glass boot.

There is a boat on one canal selling fruit and vegetables.

Pretty pasta for sale in a window.

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  1. Don’t you just love those boats selling produce?!! The Spritz sounds really good; I’ll have to give one a try. ( no Cosmos this time? 😉 )

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