Island of Color

A short distance from Venice via a vaporetto is the island of Burano known for its lace. We went there one day to have a look. It was extremely foggy and I was hoping the captain of the boat had radar because I sure couldn’t see a thing.

All of the building there are painted in bright colors. Either so a drunk man can find his home after too much drinking or a sailor can see his home from the water, I’m not sure which, but it was pretty with canals and bridges everywhere. There were places selling lace but I passed.

I liked this sign and the iron work above a restaurant.

A cute little blue place between two bigger neighbors,

Here you can see the leaning church tower through the fog. I would have gone up the tower if it had been a clear day or opened. The church was closed too.

We had lunch at a place called the Black Cat in Italian. We had a nice meal. I was taken with the plates made just for them.

This was in someone’s yard.

There were really long alleys between the buildings. This gives you another look at the color there.

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  1. Catching up on reading, and your photos of Venice are marvelous. I especially like the one of the small house looking out onto the tiny canal (several days back).
    So glad for you that you got to spend time there and enjoy the whole show.

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