I love the architecture seen in Amsterdam. We did a canal boat tour on a wonderful sunny day and saw many examples of it.

Just one of many. All of them have beam sticking out at the top with hooks so furniture and other heavy objects can be pulled up to windows. Most of the houses are very narrow as they were charged more taxes if they were wide so they built up and back with rooms going deep.

A shot of a line up of bridges. There are over 100 canals and 100 bridges in Amsterdam. Also, even though there are a lot of barriers, an average of one car a week ends up in the water.

Some more architecture. As you can see, there are bikes parked everywhere. There were a few cars parked too.

We took a tour through the red light district. There were women sitting or standing behind windows available for business even in the afternoon. I wanted a photo of one but just didn’t feel comfortable doing it and I think they wouldn’t have liked it anyway. Most of them looked young and attractive to me. I guess they closed the curtain if a man came in.

There were several “museums” about marijuana there. I know it’s supposed to be easy to buy and it’s legal. I saw some young people sitting around really stoned.

3 thoughts to “Amsterdam”

  1. “an average of one car a week ends up in the water.”

    That’s so surprising. I wonder if it’s mostly tourists who go over the edge.

    1. I think it’s mostly residents of Amsterdam. We went down one street with no barriers to the canal and the cars parked there were really close to the edge.As many times as I hit the curb when parking, I think it would be easy to misjudge.

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