Garnier Opera House

I’ve put up photos before of this magnificent building but had a chance to go inside the other day so here are some repeat photos, newly taken.

Here it is from the outside. At this time of day it was impossible to get any photos without traffic. I should get here early one morning.

Here is Garnier himself. He won a competition to become the architect. They severely cut the budget but he finished a very opulent architectural wonder anyway. I always wonder what it would have been like if he had had a huge budget.

The grandiose lobby on the second level.

The ceiling by Chagall in the auditorium.

The plush seats designed to enhance women in their gowns.

There are lots of areas to roam around in and I’ve always thought this was most unusual and striking.

Look at this ceiling. Sometimes they do fashion shows in this room.

A photo of a poster showing the roof which I loved.

2 thoughts to “Garnier Opera House”

  1. Such a lovely corner with the black and gold – a nice counterpoint to all of the lavishness. I have special feelings for the Garnier Opera because it was my first view of Paris those many years ago. I came up out of the metro and saw it appearing as I climbed the steps; it was a thrilling sight for a young California girl on her first trip to Europe.

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