The 16th Arrondissement of Paris is a posh area, full of wealth and grandiose architecture. After a visit to the Palais Galliera I strolled around a bit having a look.

The windows of this patisserie held jewel like desserts. This one looked like it was made of gray suede cloth. I forgot to find out what was inside and how they came up with that color.

This was a lemon tart. Yum.

A swanky florist.

Loved these flowers.

I just liked this statue with the pigeon sitting on his outstretched arm.

One thought to “Posh”

  1. That first pastry doesn’t look very appetizing. A bit too avant-garde for me. I like the guy with the pigeon, who seems to be telling her to get the heck out of the 16th. đŸ™‚

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