The Paris Marathon was this Sunday, an absolutely beautiful day heralding, hopefully, warmer temperatures and more blue skies. I’ve never done a marathon, although Maurice has done many. He even did a 50 K once. I did a 10 K one time and decided it’s not for me. Running isn’t either, really, although I have tried to be a runner. I think I’m going to be a walker mostly. Anyway, it is very inspiring to see those runners. I think it’s neat that there are professionals but also amateurs in the same race. I watched the beginning of it on TV and was amused by one guy who took off like the wind in front of everyone and took a selfie with the runners behind him, mostly from Kenya, who would win the race, so he had one photo of being in the lead for a few seconds. There were, as always, some people in costume, men in tutus, batman and a flamingo.

I love seeing Paris from high above. This shot is from my TV showing the Arch de Triumph.

The race has begun going down the Champs Elysees.

They have done a massive and very expensive overall of les Halles, a shopping mall that they put in place of a historic, huge street market.

I waited until the runners reached Bastille and headed there myself via the metro. There is a growing amount of dust behind our TV screen which I can see in these photos. We unscrewed about 50 screws to get the TV apart hoping to be able to get to the screen but couldn’t find our way in. I guess we will either have to take it in to be professionally cleaned or buy a new one. It’s over ten years old.

Here it is in person.

Reflected in the windows of the Opera Bastille.

I guess he was waiting for the race to be over so he could start cleaning. Mostly the streets were full of plastic water bottles the runners dropped after drinking.

10 thoughts to “Run!”

  1. I love the aerial view of the Arch.

    Have you been by les Halles – what do you think? It looks very space-agey, not really what I would expect as an overhaul, but then again what do I know?

    I’m with you, walking is where it’s at. We enjoyed the sun yesterday, along with a ton of other people in the English Garden. It felt wonderful.

    1. I’ve been to les Halles and it is just another mall. I don’t know what putting a huge glass cover over it will accomplish. People have complained for years about les Halles. They tore down some lovely glass buildings to put the mall in. A couple of them were moved elsewhere. They did the same thing with most of the metro entrances designed by Guimart. I hate it when they tear down something great and put in something modern-like Montparnasse.

    1. Just want to let you know that I am unable to leave comments on your blog. It’s a wordpress thing. They want a password and nothing I try works. It’s been going on for years for me.

  2. buy a new TV……a ten-year-old TV is a dinosaur!

    My sister will be in Paris for 2.5 days next month. What are the top things she should do?

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