Back in Paris

I’m back in Paris with the usual jet lag and a sore throat to boot. It’s so beautiful today in Paris that I’d love to get out but I will probably have an emergency nap instead. Here are a few photos taken in the States while visiting.

The bluebonnets were in bloom in Texas so I went out into the countryside to have a look.

A nice lady there said, “Are you alone? Let me take a photo of you with the bluebonnets.”

Then, as I struggled to my feet she took about ten more.

I saw some beautiful cactus flowers in Arizona while visiting my Mom.

And I took a ton of photos of family. This is one of my grandsons, Micah, who dressed for charcoal fire. Made me laugh.

5 thoughts to “Back in Paris”

  1. Love these photos especially the one of you sitting pretty in the blue bonnets (the first one !).
    Good memories of a visit back home.
    See you soon !

  2. Hi Linda,
    5 of us are heading to Paris soon. (My son-in-law and his mom are from Texas and are 2 of our 5!) Anyway, we want a tour of Picpus Cemetery on June 2. I am a DAR but don’t know if they offer tours. Any suggestions?

  3. Love the Bluebonnets! ( Cute pic of you.) The countryside looks so pretty – not like west Texas where I was from. Hope the sore throat is better. Seems one of us always comes home sick from a trip. This time is was R.

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