Further On

Further on from Notre Dame, heading in the direction of the Louvre but still on Ile de la Cité I found enchantment.

The oldest working clock in Paris (1535).

All of the chestnut trees in the middle of Place Dauphin were in bloom.

Pretty against the pink of this building.

The building to the right is having major renovation but you can’t see it due to the wonderfully painted cover.

4 thoughts to “Further On”

  1. Don’t you love France, and Paris in particular, for the attention to aesthetics? That scaffolding cover is brilliant. So is the clock. And the person who had the foresight to plant those trees.

  2. Those photos are worthy of a travel brochure. The clock is so very beautiful; I especially love the third photo. So pretty! And although I’ve sung about it often, I never have seen chestnuts in blossom until now. 🙂

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