Life on the Seine

Maurice and I were at a movie near the Bercy park and decided to check out the area near the Bibliotech in Paris, a lively student area. We didn’t get any further than the area along the Seine which is lined with bars and places to eat.

We went here for lunch which turned out to be sort of a student cafeteria and it was, indeed, full of students. The food was just average but we each ate a meal with dessert for eight euros so hard to complain.

This is called the Barafar, a nightclub with music and I noticed that they do a Sunday brunch too.

While eating lunch this boat passed by, a bride and groom on a cruise up the Seine. I noticed that there were tables set up down below for a meal. Looked like fun.

There’s part of the Bibliotech behind the trees.

A look at several other places to eat along the Seine with the bridge passing over, the Pont de Bercy.

A closer look.

I wrote this at least a week before the flooding that hit Paris and have been wondering what sort of damage happened to the boats and restaurants all lined up here. I have been at our beach place and wasn’t able to go see.

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