A French Wedding

So we finally went to the wedding. It was in Lyon. Maurice’s cousin and his wife actually came to our wedding. I have to say that it seemed to be a bit strange to me and I thought it might be typical for a French wedding but I guess it isn’t. In France, if you are Catholic, you have a civil ceremony with the mayor and then a religious cereminy in a church. Since both Maurice and I were divorced we couldn’t be married in the Catholic church (plus, I’m not Catholic) so we just had a civil ceremony. This couple had already had the civil ceremony and we were there for the church ceremony. We arrived about in the afternoon and there were some other people there. We all stood in the parking lot in the blazing sun. I have no idea why we didn’t go into the church. Soon, the groom arrived and then the car with the bride arrived wearing her wedding gown. The groom went and helped her out of the car. I was shocked. You know how in America, the bride is hidden away and no one sees her until she walks down the aisle. Maybe it was because they had the civil ceremon before. We didn’t go into the church for almost 30 minutes. We were all huddled under a tree for relief from the sun. Finaaly, we went in for the ceremony. I was surprised to find that the music was a man with a guitar and a woman with an electric piano and their music sounded like something right out of a Baptist church. I expected just organ music I guess. The rest of the ceremony was as I expected. I asked a couple of French women if it was normal to stand outside until the actual ceremony and they said no.

The bride and groom with paper hearts being thrown instead of rice.

Where the after wedding party was held, a chateau.

The grounds of he chateau.

Doesn’t Maurice look handsome?

The wedding cake is a mountain of custard filled cream puffs with melted sugar cascading down the sides. A sort of fire works were lit before serving.
The party was a sit down dinner. It started at 6pm with champagne and hors d’ouvres of which I ate too many because there was a six course meal afterwards. We finally left at 2am. When we got to bed it was almost three and that’s when I discovered we were next to a church that chimed the time twice every hour. Due to eating so late we didn’t sleep well at all.

4 thoughts to “A French Wedding”

  1. The bride looks lovely and the paper hearts are a nice touch. Maurice does indeed look handsome. I always see those wedding cakes in the patisseries but never have tasted one. Did you like it?

  2. Hi Linda,
    Some of my French friends live in Lyon. She is a map designer for the city. It’s always nice to see your photos and stories. Maurice is quite handsome!

  3. I like the paper hearts much better than rice or confetti!
    Maurice does indeed look handsome and distinguished.
    The bride is beautiful , the dress is wonderful and it looks like a lovely place for a wedding.
    Your photos are always amazing.

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