The area we live in is known for its oysters. The island, Oleron, right across from us produces the most oysters in all of France. We have our own production going on in the village right next to us. We can see the oyster bed from our balcony.

They are doing some massive work on the walk along the beach so I don’t go in that direction much any more but on this day I decided to see how it was all going. The path takes you to the little village called les Bouchelers. As you can see the tide was out but there was enough water left for reflections.

It’s common to see tractors taking oyster boats out onto the bed exposed by the low tide. Apparently, oysters like exposure to air twice a day. This may have been a natural oyster site at one time but I imagine it is now a farm where oysters are “planted” and then cultivated.

Another view.

A boat up close. They pile the hue sacks of oysters up front and bring them to shore.

Seen in the village.

This way to the beach.

Nice way to finish the day.

4 thoughts to “Oysters”

  1. Getting caught up on reading. Thank you for the beautiful beach and water pictures, much needed in these hot days. I had no idea that La Rochelle had so much of interest, adding it to my bucket list.

  2. Interesting! Do you buy and prepare fresh oysters? We had great ones in New Orleans recently but I’ve never prepared them myself. I can remember many years ago my parents would buy huge cans of fresh oysters from the Gulf of Mexico but I was a little kid and wouldn’t consider eating them.

    1. We buy fresh oysters pretty often. Maurice prepares them as they are very difficult to open and he eats them too. I will have one or two raw but I much prefers them cooked. Maurice chops up onion very fine and puts it in red wine vinegar and puts some one each oyster as he eats it and has bread with butter on it to go with them.

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