A Bit About Nantes

As I said in an earlier post, I knew nothing about Nantes except its name on a highway sign. Like many places in France, it turned out to have a beautiful old section with pedestrian zones and very little traffic. You have to have a code to get your car into the area. Some of Nantes was destroyed by bombing in WWII but it has been beautifully restored. It was delightful to walk around.

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This beautiful passage, an early mall, was built in 1894. It’s recently been restored and is just lovely.

We passed this beautiful church while walking.

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This fitting angel mosaic graffiti was on the side of the church.

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A butcher shop had these delightful animals on the outside all with wigs.

This was above a barber shop, the type that puts zig-zags onto the closely shaven heads of men. Made me laugh.

Inside the beautiful Nantes Cathedral. This was on the tomb of the Duke of Brittany and his wife, the parents of Ann of Brittany who is highly regarded there. She was central to getting Brittany joined with France back in the 1400’s.

The theater on the gorgeous Place Graslin.

Look how lovely the lights are at night.

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  1. Linda, Yes! I agree that Nantes is a lovely, and probably little thought about, city for tourists. It seems more industrial, I guess. Our friends have an apartment on the top floor of a building there with a view out one window of the Chateau in Nantes, and a view out the other window of the cathedral. It’s a joy to wake up in that bedroom!
    Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France today. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

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