Seen in Paris

Seen around Paris on my last quick trip there. As usual, it’s architecture and a window.

The back of a museum.

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One of those unique tin roofs pretty common in Paris seen from the Picasso Museum.

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A closeup of a photo posted before. It was used to watch for enemies possible coming down the street-or so I once read.

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On Rue des Rosiers. People once had to go to public baths for showers and the like before plumbing was common. A clothing store is now on the bottom level. I don’t know if any of the original interior still exists.

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Here’s my window. Doesn’t it just get you? Flowers, shutters, open window.

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  1. Have been waiting what seems like many years for the Picasso museum to reopen. Not visiting Paris this year, so will miss out again. A couple of years ago we visited the Museum of Modern Art in Ceret which has quite a good Picasso collection, but we were very disappointed to find that the exhibition at the time was mainly centred on bullfighting … not a favourite topic at all … so much disappointment again.

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