Ars, a little village on Ile de Re, is on many lists as one of the most beautiful villages in France. It has lots of charming little shops. We found a small parking lot for the car and when we were ready to leave couldn’t find it again, despite it being small village. It had gotten very hot, almost 100 degrees, and trudging around in the heat wasn’t the most fun thing. We had to go back to the church where we went first and figure out our route. We finally started recognizing some shops and I then saw the name of a street that I had somehow retained the name of and found our hot as an oven car.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (2)A flower arrangement seen on a wall as we walked around.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (3) One of these days I want to go see the famous salt production place. I suspect the workers won’t be dressed like this. Many people became very wealthy in Ars by selling salt.


The unusual church steeple in Ars  used by sailors for guidance when at sea.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (5) I always stop into the hotel le Senechal as I love the interior.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (6)

Nicely decorated corner.

FullSizeRender[1] - Copy (7)

I loved this poster for a jazz festival on Ile de Re. I’m trying to find a way to get a copy.

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