We found a cute place to eat right next to our hotel. I’m making a whole post of it just because I liked it so much.

fullsizerender1-copy-6The entrance.

img_13691 Cider is a must. It has a low alcohol content.

img_13701 The photo doesn’t do this justice. It is a crepe made with special flour found in Brittany. There were cheese, mushrooms, bacon and onions inside. The crepe was crunchy on the outside. It’s obligatory to have at least one crepe while in Brittany.

img_13721 This was inside the creperie. Looked rather like an piece of furniture from a church.

img_13731 A wall behind a velvet bench.

fullsizerender1-copy-5 A wall painting.

fullsizerender1-copy-4 The view from the window.

11 thoughts to “Food”

  1. Love gallettes, Brittany crepes. There’s a block on rue Montparnasse that has lots of gallette restaurants, perfect light meal when you are jetlagged. With cidar! I read that the restaurants are there because that was the train station for locals of Brittany to use to go home, and it is their type of food.

    1. Montparnase is where we go to getthe train to our beach place. There is a train now that goes straight to Saint Malo now too. I’ve never eaten in the area.

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