Brittany is known for its oysters. They are farmed near where we live, Poitou Charentes, especially Ile Oleron which produces the most in France, but Brittany has an ancient history involving them. Something lead me to a book called The Oysters of Locmariaquer by Elinor Clark. It was written in the 60’s and is not up to date with what is going on now but it gives a look at a tiny village, Locmariaquer, which was the heart of oyster production then and especially the history of oysters and how man was able to start farming them. Reading this book I was amazed that oysters were able to propagate at all. It’s a miracle really as is all birth. Another amazing fact is that the huge production of oysters was started in France by Napoleon III and a scientist in an effort to have inexpensive food for the poor. Anyway, I wanted to see this village and so Maurice and I went out of our way and as we drove there. I had memories of going to the Ile of Skye in Scotland after reading a book set there and being disappointed when we finally arrived as it is a very stark island and known for hiking which we weren’t equipped to do (this was with my ex) and I ordered a dish called Steak Mince which sort of horrified me when it was placed before me as it looked like dog food on top of mashed potatoes. I was afraid Locmariaquer would disappoint too but it turn out to be charming although the day was gray and misty. Mostly I took photos at the beach.

img_13881 As you can see the tide was out.

img_13921 Seen on a shutter.

fullsizerender2 A path along the beach.

img_13971 A beach fence.

img_13981 We made a stop near Carnac to see these mysterious stones set up in long lines that went on for miles. No one knows what they were for. Religious reasons, moon tracking, when to farm?

img_14021 Another view.

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