Best Deal in Town

There is a pharmacy on the Left Bank, Rue du Four to be exact (#26) which is said to have the best prices in town-not in medications but in items that mostly women like such as skin care products, shampoo, that sort of thing.

img_1585 Here’s the nondescript exterior. See all of those people? It was just packed, and always is, and it’s so hot inside with tons of people, narrow aisles, employees stocking shelves, it’s crazy. They do seem to have good prices so if I am nearby I will go in. I went in specifically for vitamins this time.

img_1584 This little guy was hanging out as his owner shopped.

img_1586 The tiny entrance to this boutique hotel always interests me. I’ve never managed to get inside but I’d love to.

img_1590 Love the colors.

How moving is often done in Paris if you don’t live on the ground floor-or some guys carry things up and down stairs.

3 thoughts to “Best Deal in Town”

  1. I’ve heard that the French have some amazing skin-care products. Have you noticed a difference in what you can get there as opposed to in the U.S.? Do hotels mind if you come in and take photos? You could always say you have a friend coming into town and you’re looking at different hotels for them.

    1. As far as I have noticed, just about every skin care product sold in France can also be found in the States. They aren’t necessarily cheaper because a tax of some sort is added. I always buy things like mascara while in the States. The pharmacy is cheaper than department stores as far as prices go. In fact, I’ve read that pharmacies don’t make money on the medicines they sell but on cosmetics and lotions, etc. I’ve only had one hotel mind about me taking photos. Most of them seem happy for the free advertisement.

  2. Have you found any super-whammy skin care products in the pharmacy? That hotel entrance is intriguing. I can’t see the name but hope you slip in one day and see what’s there.

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