An Easy Lunch

I was at a new to me street in Paris, Rue Daguerre, which is very similar to that street made famous by Rick Steves called Rue Cler, but without tourists everywhere. There were lots of places to eat and, especially, lots of places to buy food to take home-an easy lunch.

img_1608 Roasted chickens ready to go. I never buy them like this because they could have been sitting for a long time. I don’t like the taste or texture of chicken if it’s not hot off of the rotisserie.

img_1609 Potatoes roasted beneath the chickens.

img_1610 I saw that Mont d’Or cheese is now for sale. It’s wonderful baked in an oven and served with ham and bread but you can have it as is. Most French have cheese after a meal.

img_1611 Mushrooms have arrived with Autumn.

img_1612 Figs are everywhere.

img_1613 All of the sudden, there are plums too.

So there you have it-an easy lunch.


2 thoughts to “An Easy Lunch”

  1. Oh, yum! Rotisserie chickens, fresh off the spit with the potatoes roasted under them – pure France. I’ve never found any like that in the states. Somehow, Costco chickens just don’t make the cut.

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