Maurice’s daughter has a place in Ibiza and kindly let us use it for a quick trip to there. It was our second time and we had great time. It is just coming to the end of the season for all of the giant clubs where all of the cool people go for music and, I’m guessing, drugs. I don’t like crowds or loud music so I guess I will never experience the Amnesia Club. Ibiza Town, the capitol, was full of young people with skirts up to here, tops down to there which made me feel like a fuddy duddy as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I saw a skinny man in a turban and a mini skirt as well, a long time resident I was told. Anyway, it was fun to explore Ibiza which, by the way, has a fascinating history with governments by Greece, Rome, and even the Moors for 500 years. The muslim population was thrown out by the new Spanish government at the end.

img_1633 We stayed in the high, ancient part of Ibiza Town called Dalt Vila. It’s my favorite part of the city, full of interesting architecture and, my favorite,  doors and windows.

img_1634 Mellow Yellow.

img_1658 This place sold fruit juice and smoothies as you might imagine. It was also a nice restaurant at night with tables outside overlooking the harbor.

img_1664 Very Spanish looking. Ibiza, by the way, is a Spanish island.

img_1675 An inviting look into a restaurant.

img_1666 Graffiti on a door of a home that isn’t lived in.

img_1641 A look at the casual dress there. I need to get some short shorts with an elastic band to secure my iPhone.

img_1680 On the patio where we stayed. Autumn is pretty nice in Ibiza. We got hot quite a bit walking around.

2 thoughts to “Ibiza”

  1. Gorgeous. What a fun trip. The blue tiles around the window are my favorite, and the curving staircase with blue too. I think you definitely need some short shorts to hold your iPhone.

  2. How lucky to have family with apartments in cool places where you can stay! Got a kick out of your reaction to the fashions and nightlife…I could not agree more. Too bad you didn’t get a shot of the guy w/turban and miniskirt. The town is very pretty; you must have had fun photographing everything. I love Spain.

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