This and That

As is often the case when I’m in Paris, I have a mix of photos of various things and places.

img_1822 I love this typical Parisian facade and the leaves turning golden in the sun.

img_1828 I’ve always liked this exterior in the Left Bank.

img_1829 Stairs just inside the door of an old hotel.

img_1834 Look at this dapper gentleman. It wasn’t until I looked at it later that I realised that he was wearing shorts, perhaps knickers of some sort.

img_1845 An elegant window.

img_1840 This graffiti made me laugh. I imagine there are few women left in the western world who are clueless about their “marital duties” but it was the case in Queen Victoria’s day. It must have been a shock to a lot of women. I would say this is true now about all that marriage entails in other areas-finances, compromise, just living with another person, especially of the opposite sex.

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  1. Your random photos always feel like a walk through Paris. Now that Melania Trump has made “this and that” famous by saying that’s all boy talk, you might get some extra looks at your “This and That” posts.

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