A Small Cemetery

I often stop by the Saint Vincent Cemetery, a very small cemetery up in Montmartre that is the final resting place for locals. I have to say that it is looking a bit shabby lately. It used to be pristine with no weeds and the trees all trimmed. In any case, the tombs look the same.

img_1866 It’s hard to make this out with the angle of the sun but this is the window in a “house” with the occupants, two married poets, looking out.

img_1867 All of the leaves on this tomb will be bright red in a few weeks.

img_1868 Artist, Utrillo and his mother, are buried here.

img_1869 This tomb is looking worn. Maybe the family isn’t around anymore to pay for upkeep.

img_1872 Maybe thoughts of cemeteries depress you so here is a photo to brighten your day. Loved the teeth.

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