Montmartre by Night

Montmartre, high above Paris, is delightful by day, full of photo ops, but it’s even more enchanting by night. I thought it would be pretty deserted once the sun was set but there were people everywhere, probably because it was a very mild night.

img_2073 Tried to get an iconic shot of the stairs just lit by street lamps but they seemed too bright to me.

img_2075 The stairs in front of Sacre Coeur were packed with people and there was live music being played.

img_2080 A glimpse of the cathedral.

img_2088 I’ve seen photos of the restaurant all over Instagram. They were closing up when I was there.

img_2095 A pretty window of an old cinema surrounded by autumn leaves.

img_2101 Another iconic shot usually seen by day. I liked the atmosphere at night.

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