Looking Around Père Lachaise

When I was at Père Lachaise Cemetery taking a photo of Oscar Wilde’s tomb I walked around a bit taking photos of other tombs.

img_2637 The sun was about an hour from setting and there was great winter light.

img_2640 This pretty stained glass madonna was in a tomb right behind Wilde’s.

img_2642 This was on a tomb right next to Wilde’s. I didn’t check out the person but it looks like he was a writer for magazines or papers maybe.

img_2644 I wish the figure had been in the sun. Sort of spooky in a way.

img_2645 This is Victor Noir who has become a fertility symbol. Women rub his mouth and his “privates” and leave flowers hoping to have a baby. He was shot in a duel by a relative of Napoleon III in a dispute over an article in a newspaper that Noir had written.

img_2648 The view from the end. He looks all dressed for the opera, top hat and all.

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