Before I left France for the States I had been having vague abdominal pain, mostly in the upper right quadrant, enough that I went to our doctor at the beach. She said she could feel that my gall bladder was enlarged so I had an ultrasound and, indeed, it was enlarged and I had a stone. When we returned to Paris I went and saw our doctor there, a guy I pretty much respect as he always seems up on the latest things. He knew about the nightmare we had gone through in the States last year with the TB diagnosis so I asked him if he thought I should get my gall bladder out before we went in case I had a bad attack while in the States. (We did have insurance coverage this time). He told me no but did give me the name of a surgeon whom I should have gone to see.

Rainbow from the car on the way back.

So we were in Austin and I had really bad pain late one night. If we hadn’t had an early plane flight to Arizona the next morning, I would have gone to the emergency room but luckily I felt a little “pop” and then a little “glug, glug”-I guess a stone came out of the bile duct- and the pain went away and I went back to sleep. The next few weeks I had some symptoms but not major pain. I was hoping to make it back to France so I could have surgery as it was obvious that I shouldn’t have waited. We were in Arizona a week and then drove up to the Grand Canyon and then over into New Mexico. We weren’t  going to return until Sunday but a weather front was on the way with rain or snow and we tried to stay ahead of it sometimes driving between two storms with just a little rain on the car and we returned to Arizona on Saturday. That night I had pain that wouldn’t go away and at 2:30 in the morning I woke up Maurice and we went to the emergency room and had my gall bladder out the next day. The surgeon said it was very nasty and I should have had it out a long time ago-if you have symptoms it should come out. So, this  time we had insurance at least. The attack didn’t happen in a plane, on the road in the middle of nowhere, at a reaally small town in New Mexico but in the right place at the right time.

A double!

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  1. I was following your posts on FB in regard to the gall bladder, and I’m thankful that the need for surgery came at the right place, right time. And it’s good you had the insurance! Still, this is the sort of thing you definitely don’t want happening while you’re away from home, traveling. I’m glad it had a good ending. Welcome back to Europe – seems you were gone a long time.

    BTW, we are preparing to return to Switzerland. Our 3 years in Munich sure did fly by!

  2. Glad you are OK, and that you had the insurance! I have been having occasional abdominal pain and I was worried it was gallstones–doctor doesn’t seem to think so though. Wishing you fast healing.

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