Eating (in Paris)

You can never run out of places to eat in Paris. Not only are there the established centuries old places, but new ones pop up all of the time. Just on one street in the Marais, rue du Roi de Sicile, one street up from Rue de Rivoli and the Saint Paul metro stop, I saw four new places from the last time I was on this street.

This little place sells popcorn. It was started by the American actress, Scarlet Johannson, and her French husband (not for long, I read). I tried some of the cheddar popcorn. It’s just popcorn, I can’t get too excited, and it wasn’t hot either. Also, six euros for a small bag is a bit steep.

I was strolling along a couple of days ago and this sign for a restaurant caught my eye. It is obviously a Jewish restaurant. I looked it up when I came home and it serves Israeli food and had good reviews so a friend and I went to try it a few days later. Tavline means spices. The chef trained in France and worked with well known chefs and has returned to his roots with a fresh take on Israeli cuisine.

The modern interior. I liked the floor and the light fixtures.

This is some fish on top of lentils with pomegranate seeds scattered on top. They gave a really nice crunch as you ate this really good dish. The eggplant was wonderful with a smoky taste and the focaccia was delicious.

Just a few doors down was She’s Cake, a cute little place selling cheesecake. The chef and creator is a female (thus the She in the name) and her photo was on the wall.

Hard to choose. My friend and I shared a banana rum cheesecake. It was good but I couldn’t taste any rum. A very nice shop and they have cheesecake dishes for lunch that aren’t sweet.



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  1. So fun to see the new places and lucky you to get to try them! Thanks for informing us. Earl and I will be in Paris from May19-21 if you and Maurice are in town and want to get together. If not, we hope to be back in the fall, moving in!

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