Eating in Style

I joined a friend the other day at a new place in Paris for lunch. It’s an Alan Ducasse restaurant called Champeaux, a modern take on the Paris Bistro with a railway theme going on too. It is under the new glass canopy of the les Halles shopping mall which was converted last year at an enormous cost. They have drawn in famous chefs and designers like Ducasse and Philippe Starck to bring in people to eat and admire. I’m not a fan of the les Halles area but it is near my favourite street, rue Montorgueil, and you can make a stop at the church of St Eustache. The food was good too.

One wall has those signs like you find in railway stations that go clickity clack when turning over letters to put up notifications of trains leaving and arriving. In this case it had menus and various announcements.

We had their speciality, souffles, one asparagus, one cheese. Very good.

And we shared this pistachio souffle with caramel ice cream to insert into the hot middle of the souffle.Yummy.

The cute bartender with his chic hat.

This sculpture, l’Ecoute, is nearby outside of the St Eustache Church.

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    1. They were really good. I’m not sure if I have the patience to try them. I’m always so disappointed when I fail at making something, especially when they taste so good when done by professionals. I see I forgot that accent mark.

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