There is an exhibit right now at the Louvre Museum of Vermeer and other Dutch painters. I love his art so determined to go. Even though I had a ticket for 2 PM, there was a 45 minute wait in a line as they were trying to keep crowding down. Of course, it was crowded even so. Most of the paintings are small and I was glad I’m tall so I could look at them over the heads of the crowds. I was only able to get close to some a few times. I’m sure the best time is to come as soon as they open.

The lobby of the Louvre under the pyramid. The silver tube in the middle of the stairs is an elevator.

There are two covered courtyards where sculptures are displayed. One has Roman, the other Greek.

A view out a window showing the top of the pyramid and a statue overlooking it.

Photos weren’t allowed so this is a photo of a book cover. This is called The Lace Maker. As I said, they had other artists displayed there-two that painted at the same time as Vermeer but, to me, they couldn’t compare to how he painted light.

The Astronomer. This is at the Louvre full time.

3 thoughts to “Vermeer”

  1. I have read about how the Louvre has struggled to keep up with the crowds at this exhibit. It was a good idea to forbid photos. I wish they would do that everywhere. There are always books and postcards one can buy. Trying to admire the art while everybody is busy taking selfies is such a hassle.

  2. Thanks for braving the crowds to bring us this Vermeer exhibit. I love his paintings too.
    Funny, because I would not have thought you are tall, but I guess we were sitting down most of the time when we met.

    1. I’m taller than you for sure. I’m 5’7″ which is above average. At least tall enough to see over many, except those talk, basketball player types. The problem was that thae paintings were small and there were crowds of people five or six people deep so it was hard to see detail. Also tour guides with groups standing for a long time in front od various pantings.Guess I sholdn’t complain-at least I got to see them.

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