Morning Walk

Maurice and I walk just about every morning unless I get up really early and walk with a friend. Sometimes I want a change from the usual, though beautiful, Promenade Plantée and I wanted to get a photo of Spring flowers with the Eiffel Tower in the background on a day of sunshine (rain was expected the next day) so we took a metro which was packed with people on their way to work to the Eiffel Tower and then walked to Concorde from there before taking a metro back home.

Pretty pink flowers everywhere.

These yellow bushes are everywhere, all over Paris.

This girl was having photos taken. I noticed that her gown matches the pink flowers in the tree above her.

We walked right along side the Seine up to Pont Alexander III, the prettiest bridge in Paris.

Then went up to the street level to cross it and on down to Concorde.

One thought to “Morning Walk”

  1. Well, I take a walk most mornings, but my views do not compare. I think the yellow bushes are forsythia. A lot of them got frozen out here in Ohio during the most recent freeze, but we are deep in springtime flowers now.
    I love seeing that brilliant blue sky next to the Eiffel Tower through your lens.

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