In the Louvre

After I saw the current Vermeer exhibit in the Louvre Museum, I walked around a bit in areas I usually don’t visit (Mona Lisa for instance). The Louvre is vast and full of only some of its treasures.

Joan of Arc hearing the voices that lead her to don armor and lead men into battle.

Next I wandered into the Napoleon III apartments. It was very luxurious. This light fixture was at the top of some stairs.

There was gilding on just about every ceiling and many chandeliers.

More gilding, lots of royal red.

Dining room. Not very intimate. I’m sure they had a smaller one for just family.

There are many great views as you walk around the Louvre. This was from the second floor. In the summer you can eat out on that terrace.

One thought to “In the Louvre”

  1. It’s so worth it to seek out the “back rooms” of big museums. I used to do it in the Met in NYC, where I had a membership. I actually looked at every Grecian urn they have, room after room of them. Most people just passed through, without a glance, on their way to more “important” works. And at the Vatican, I ditched the crowds and headed for the Egyptian stuff–the Vatican has one of the biggest collections. I was asked to dinner by two different guards who clearly were not used to anybody coming into their galleries.

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