Paris Shots

Not doing much writing about Paris these days but I always take photos.

On a door in the Marais. If this doesn’t keep away evil spirits, I don’t know what will.

The boulangerie in our neighborhood sells these delicious looking quiches along with those sandwiches seen below and also some meals you can microwave at home. There are always tons of people in line at lunchtime to buy lunch.

And, of course, desserts are always available. I manage not to buy any for the most part.

This is an old map showing India, and to the south next to the ship, the Maldives. Maurice is taking me there for my birthday for one week. Photos show it to be one of those beautiful places with turquoise water and white sand. We will be there a week. Many photos to follow, I’m sure.

3 thoughts to “Paris Shots”

  1. I’m not sure that I’d want to face that medusa face on my door every day. It probably does its job though. Don’t you do enough walking that you can splurge on desserts? That’s my hope for when I move to France. Hope you had a fabulous trip to the Maldives. Can’t wait to see more pictures.
    Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France, especially since you were the only one who joined me this week.

    1. No, unlike French women, American women get fat in Paris. I walk a lot but not enough to lose much weight. I think I’m keeping my weight lower than it might be if I didn’t walk. I seldom buy those lovely French pastries but do often have French chocolate-and wind-although not as much as I used to.

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