The Maldives

Maurice took me to the Maldives for my birthday.  It’s a really long flight from France with a change of planes in Dubai which, it turns out, is very spectacular airport, very new and all of the shops are open 24/7 and planes fly at all hours in the morning. We were taken by boat to our island after we landed in Malé, the capitol, a ride of 45 minutes, and what a beautiful place it was. The Maldives is composed of over 1000 islands situated in a lagoon southwest of India. The sand was white and the water turquoise. It was paradise. Maldives has a bad human rights record, especially with women, but, being paying tourists, we saw nothing of this. The people who worked at our resort, the Meeru, were friendly and seemed happy. The population is Muslim and there were also women in the spa from Bali and some Chinese employees. We met a couple of ladies who had been coming there for six years. I only met one American and he was there because he lived in China, so not such a great distance to travel. We heard a lot of English accents and Russian as well.

The sign greeting us when we arrived. Just look at that white sand.

We had some of the staff come out to say hello with drums. They even had a French speaking lady for us. The staff, by the way, lives on the island in special housing. I wondered if they had their own units or if they had to share in dorm like situations.

This building was the spa with nice ladies from Bali doing massages and facials. I had a facial, the first one I’ve ever had. Rather special. The lady who did it said to get some cranberry extract to help prevent ageing skin.

We came back from lunch on my birthday to find this. I received a little cake and a half bottle of champagne too.

I drank a whole lot of pina coladas. Maurice had this blue tropical drink one evening as the sun set.



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  1. If travelers really knew what was going on there (human rights / scary religious nuts) they wouldn’t go. They only tolerate enclaves of tourists because they need our money.

    1. Since I’ve returned, I’ve been reading about what is going on away from the sight of tourists and definitely won’t go back. I’m sure there is beauty like we saw in other countries.

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