Three Days, Two Nights

We had a chance to be with friends for a short time (Two nights, three days) in Venice. It’s not long enough but no way was I turning it down. As always, it was fabulous.

Of course I took photos of many canals and bridges.

Obligatory shot of gondolas with their blue tarps.

One of several Spritzs made of Aperol, an orange liquor, Proseco and a bit of carbonated water. So pretty, so tasty, and such a part of Italy.

I’m usually not a fan of Italian pastries but these were exceptionally light and tender and, of course, chocolate.

The only bridge in Venice with three arches.

Madonnas are everywhere and I thought this one was especially charming, especially with the flowers.

Another madonna on the corner of a wall.

3 thoughts to “Three Days, Two Nights”

  1. Going to Venice is a treat, no matter how many days you can remain. I love your photos. I’d go back again in a heart beat. Especially now that I need to find that three arch bridge for myself!

  2. Hello Linda, it’s been a long time since I visited, but I see you are still traveling and taking wonderful photos. I love the Madona’s, especially the little one in the fruited circle (are those pears or apples I wonder?). So pretty. This is Sara from Come Away With Me. Thank you for sharing a bit of Venice with us.

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