Back at the Beach

 We have arrived at our beach place ready to see what summer has in store for us.

We arrived at the la Rochelle train station which looks very castle like. Our trip is a little over three hours from Paris.

Our very first night I ran out to the beach to get some photos as the sun set. I love the sun shining through the beach fence.

The sunset through the fence.

And, finally, the sunset. They usually aren’t this spectacular in the Spring as I recall. There is no filter with this photo either, this is just how it looked, filling our living room with scarlet light.

4 thoughts to “Back at the Beach”

  1. Hi Linda, You probably know this already but if not try and have an evening meal in the old port of La Rochelle on one of those beautiful evening while watching the boats come in. It has been a while but we have fond memories of a great evening with good food.

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