La Rochelle

We are lucky to live very close to the beautiful city of la Rochelle. It’s steeped in history and full of historical and ancient architecture. We went to walk around the city for a bit the other day.

I’m always happy to see a blue door with hollyhocks next to them. In fact, I may have taken this same photo last year.

I got a glimpse of a sailboat leaving the old harbor. You don’t see these here in this location actually sailing very often although many are moored here.

An unusual door of a private club with coins decorating it.

One of several towers around the old harbor.

Such a pretty street.

A perfect setting for lunch. We’ve eaten there before but not today.

2 thoughts to “La Rochelle”

    1. Thank you. La Rochelle is really worth a visit.
      I’ve never found anything as interesting as you did in your house. Our places were not old, one a hundred years or so but no treasures.

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