I have been to this village, Talmont-sur-Gironde, a little over an hour away several times. Right now the hollyhocks have started blooming-my favorites along with roses in June-and Talmont has hollyhocks all over their streets so I talked Maurice into going with me early Sunday morning to beat the crowds and the heat. We were almost the only ones there when we arrived. No shops or restaurants were open, most with signs saying they didn’t open until June 15th, plus it was Sunday when many places are closed. So we roamed around a bit, went into the little church and I took photos and we were back home before lunch.

Here’s the church overlooking the Gironde river which is extremely wide here as it empties into the ocean a little bit further on.

The back of the church.

As anticipated, hollyhocks. They were still fresh and newly opened.

The village is surrounded on three sides by water as you can see here. Those are little fishing cabins in the distance. They are everywhere around here.

A close up of one of the fishing cabins, called a carrelet.

 There were roses too as you can see.

More roses.

A close up of a hollyhock, the summer gift of France.

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