The Leftovers

There was a TV series recently called The Leftovers having something to do with many people disappearing and the remaining population are the leftovers not sure why they were left behind. I never watched it as I am not a fan of most science fiction or anything creepy. So this post has nothing to do with that, it is just some photos I didn’t use on previous posts. Nothing exciting or different has happened here. We get out and walk every day, eat lunch, read, watch TV, nothing worthy of photos mostly so here are some leftovers:

I’m always taken by these type of “homemade” harbors, nothing fancy, no yachts, just mostly the boats of local fishermen.

Isn’t this a cute sign? It was a closed shop-until June 15- in Talmont-sur-Gironde. I think it is basically a gift shop.

A typical little house near our place. I just liked the blue trim and the yellow flowers.

A nice looking, and tasty, dessert served to us the other day by a nice French couple that we know here in our village. They sold their place in Paris to live here full time. I personally don’t like this place in the winter. The cold and the wind get me down but they love it plus they have a ton of friends and play bridge and mahjong several times a week. The husband is also in a photography club with twenty other people and they go out all day, take photos, develop them and then share them. Sometimes I am envious of their active lives and activities but I think I must be an introvert because, although I like being with people, I also enjoy being alone or just with Maurice. The idea of being in clubs and going several times a week exhausts me. We are happy as we are and I guess nothing is wrong with us-as far as we know.

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  1. Rod and I are the same; and also happy as we are BUT like you and Maurice, we’re always ready to travel somewhere.

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