Music, Sunsets, and a Goat

Another few uneventful days. I’m not always doing things like hiking the Camino de Santiago. We do have a quick trip coming up on Monday so there’s that.

 Some nice light on a little beach shack/bathroom and walkway to the water.

I saw this couple walking this goat, along with their dog, last year and wondered who in the world would walk a goat. I had questions like did they let it in the house, did it eat their curtains, was the landscaping destroyed? I finally saw the goat a second time and this time I had my iPhone and took this rather bad photo from across the street into the sun. I didn’t think anyone would believe it. I put this photo up on Instagram and a lady who actually owns a farm told me that goats can be very dog-like. I had no idea. I remember once that my ex got a friend a surprise goat as a really badbirthday present saying, “Goats will eat anything, even the net going across tennis courts”, which this guy had. I never found out what happened with the goat afterwards but was told that goats won’t eat everything, maybe just flowers. Anyway, I am still enchanted with a goat you can take for a walk.

 Wednesday, the day of Summer Solstice and in France, and other parts of Europe, music is found all over the place. Even our little village had four or five bands playing. I liked this sign in our local boulangerie toting it.

We rode our bikes down to a restaurant which had a band playing and Maurice ordered ice cream and I got a pina colada which turned out to be huge and we watched the sun set while a band played old jazz.

Pretty good sunset too.

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  1. Looks like a great day to me. Funny you would say the goat pic is bad – I love it and thought you did the Impressionist style on purpose! I’m with Julia Child, who once said never admit to a mistake in what you’re serving and most people won’t notice the difference. (or something like that 🙂 )

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