The 80’s

This weekend in our village, Chatelaillon, is a little themed celebration with costumes, food and music. Every year is a different theme and this year it is the 80’s. It seemed a lot like the 60’s to me but it was fun to wander up the street and see people having fun. I have to say that France is really great for festivals. They are everywhere, especially in the Summer.

There was a Notre Dame, which doesn’t have a thing to do with the 80’s unless they mean the 1880’s. There was a little Quasimodo too.

The Cotton Club with flappers. There was even a guy dressed as one. I’m guessing there will be music and drinks tonight.

A Jamaican place with Bab Marley on the front. I associate him with the 70’s. Did you know he died at the age of 32 from melanoma? He certainly did influence the music scene in his day.

Aren’t these two cute? I guess their outfits are from the 80’s. I think I might have a few things left in my closet from then.

Various musical instruments lined the streets. The stage to the right looked right out of the 60’s to me too.

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