Maurice and I love to watch tennis and have been to Eastbourne in England twice before to see it. We decided to go again this year.

Here is the famous pier of Eastbourne. It caught fire two years ago. It looks like they have it pretty much repaired.

The beach, or shingle, as they call it. No sand, just pebbles.

As you can see, there is lots of green grass around, besides the courts, for having a picnic if you would like.

This is Djokovic serving. We got to see about 15 minutes of the game before it started raining. It continued all day so that was it. I noticed that the group having a picnic just pulled out umbrellas and kept eating, drinking and talking just about all day.

I decided to walk to a nearby bookstore selling used books called Cailla’s.

It was loaded with books. Heaven.

We had some hamburgers and these really delicious fries.

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