The Next Day

It finally stopped raining in Eastbourne long enough for us to see some tennis matches.

This is Kuznetsova, a long time Russian player. This was on one of the outer courts at the tennis tournament and you can see how close we are able to get to the game. It’s a lot of fun for tennis lovers.

I also saw this. They were a rather elegant couple but his pants were the color of the tennis balls. Caught my eye to say the least.

That evening we passed this entrance to a school on the way to dinner. English schools look so elegant, at least the ones with lots of money.

The pub was called The Dolpin. We were lucky to get a table as it was quiz night in another room there. We had a good meal but had a long wait for it.

Candles and flowers were on the table.

This interesting, very refurbished building, a Masonic Hall, was across the street. The Masons are said to be a secret society so maybe that explains the lack of windows.

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