Still Here

Still here with my mother in Arizona. I have to admit I’m feeling a bit bored. My Mom can hardly get around so we sit around talking and watching TV. I have had my fill of Fox News, not to mention most news. There is too much immediate news for me. My Mom is very religious too and of course wants to watch religious shows. I’m doing lots of reading, often next to Mom while she watches TV. She is also a big reader but it’s these books about home cures of just about any disease or condition using items often found in any home. She reads the newspaper from front to back too. I guess it’s a good thing thing she doesn’t surf the internet.

I still walk around the mall just about every morning. This is a view from the third floor of the marble floor below.

The entrance to the new movie theatre in the mall. It’s nice to stand in front of the entrance and feel the air conditioned air pour out.

Even the elevator shaft is decorated.

Some of the many, many brass handrails there. There are at least a dozen ladies there every morning polishing it along with cleaning the glass. I never touch the handrails now when going up or down stairs after seeing how hard they work.

3 thoughts to “Still Here”

  1. I get overwhelmed by news when I visit my dad, especially Fox (fairly UNbalanced as far as I can tell) – but my dad understands when I excuse myself and go upstairs to read. We end up chatting a lot, which is much preferable. I’m sure your mom is delighted to have you there. And just think, the temps in France and Arizona are very similar right now!
    Take care!

  2. Talk about a 180! From suffering while dragging yourself along the Camino de Santiago to suffering through hours of Fox News. I know you’ll be happy to get back to more “normal” pursuits. Thank goodness for books! If you haven’t read it already, a great read is “A Gentleman in Moscow.” In the future, you’ll be glad you had this time with your mom.

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